The Caravan Magazine Vol.2 Ed.2


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The Light of Guidance


I am John Campbell(name changed), resident of Canada, Electronic engineer by profession. In the year 1998, I met this beautiful Catherine Jay(name changed) at a party. We were good friends since then. Our relationship went closer further and we decided to tie knots. We got married finally in April 2007. Life has been really good to us so far. We enjoyed the beautiful moments of our married life. We were then blessed with a son in May 2013- named him Allen.

One of my close friend Peter once took me to a Baha’i gathering. It was a devotional gathering which began with the prayers. It was followed by music and chorus singing. People began to socialize with each other and it ended with light snacks. I really liked the ambience and the spiritual atmosphere of this gathering. He introduced me to the Baha’i fundamentals and beliefs. At the beginning I was quite hesitant to know more about the faith. But as time passed by, I learned more about the faith and was convinced that Baha’u’llah is the Manifestation of the God for this era. I was really blessed with the light of guidance to the true religion of God. Me and Peter combined our efforts to explain my wife about what this faith is. She also accepted the faith. Now we were Baha’is. We started attending Nineteen Day Feast at every month of the Baha’i calendar. The community warmly welcomed us. We made new friends there and use to have a great time with them. It felt more like a family than a community. The system of adminstration which is clergy-free, really inspired me. Election of various administrative¬†bodies was quite fair and transparent. However after some time, me and Catherine both realised that there has been some favouritism. Few Baha’is who were in the faith since generations always had a greater say. Eventually things became so bad that secret meetings were held to make decisions. And those less-influential ones were sidelined. All this while we both were little sinked emotionally, but we continued to go to the community and attend the gatherings for the sake of benefitting from Divine Words of Baha’u’llah. We shared our thoughts with Peter, which initially he denied. Later, he also agreed to this discrimination and he himself became the victim once. Meanwhile I got my hands on the book of a Baha’i author Lady Ruth White. I went through her work and realised that she too was against the administrative nature of the faith. She alongwith her friends had formed New History Society for the purpose of preaching the words of God selflessly. They succesfully spread the Divine message away from the shackles of administration and they had a huge following. Gradually we ceased attending the meetings, and use to do prayers and read Baha’i teachings by ourselves. Interestingly in 2015, I found on internet, a group of Baha’is calling themselves “Free Baha’is”. They followed the footsteps of Ruth White and her friends. I corresponded with them and realised they were fantastic people whose aim is to disseminate the Holy teachings, not under the supervision and administration of any House of Justice. I was grateful that once again I received the Light of Guidance….

I wish all the love and success to the Free Baha’i Team working at I pray that their efforts are accepted by the Abha Beauty and may they get more blessings to work for this cause in such a selfless manner. The Caravan Magazine that is published is a wonderful piece of work by the team, that was initially started by New History Society.The team happily permitted me to post their magazine on my blogs.

(P.S: True identities have not been revealed, as we do  not want to be targeted by NSA)